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4 Teams Crushing Virtual Fundraising

Sep 24 2020

FlipGive is the easiest way to move all your fundraising online - making it safe, time saving and easy! Check out groups crushing it.

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Sports teams and organizations are adapting to the changes brought upon by COVID. Whether your fundraisers have been disrupted or cancelled altogether, figuring out how to bring money in is still on the minds of many. FlipGive is the easiest way to move all your fundraising online - making it safe, time saving and easy! Check out some of the groups that are crushing it right now:

Boerne Bulls Youth Football & Cheer - $4,202 Raised

Hailing Texas, the Boerne Bulls have been kicking serious butt. In a month, the team parents have rallied together to raise over $4,000 for their program. With a rockstar team mom leading the charge, they're bound to raise their goal of $11,280 in no time! Get your team onto the easiest way to raise money today - get started here


Etobicoke Swim Club 2020-2021 - $2,768 Raised

This Canadian swim club is the model of a group doing it all! They joined FlipGive with the goal of raising $5,000. 91 of their parents joined in the charge to fund their season and now they are over half the way to their goal, proving that FlipGive works best when you get everyone involved. Just think of the household spend of your team parents? Now multiply that by all your families. You'll be amazed at the money that's being left on the table for every parent not yet invited. If you use FlipGive already, make sure to invite your team members and families. Need more tips? Book a coaching call here! Groups that do raise twice as much. 

Heat FC 05 ECNL - $1,262 Raised


This superstar girls soccer team from Nevada has been rallying its parents in lightning speed this summer. With 40 parents on board, they've been raising serious dough for their season in a short time. Their parents are loving earning cash back on every day essentials from brands like Amazon, Target, CVS, Walmart and more. Your groceries, gas, takeout and household spend can easily turn into money for your season. Why leave money on the table? Take a page out of the Heat FC 05 ECNL playbook! Get started today - it's free

Waconia Cooperstown 2021 - $795 Raised

Waconia is showing us that planning ahead means effortless fundraising. Heading to Cooperstown in 2021, Waconia Baseball Association is getting started on their fundraising early with FlipGive, giving them plenty of time to earn the $7,280 they need for their tournament. Planning ahead with FlipGive means one less thing to worry about. Whether it's a tournament or earning in the pre season while you wait for teams to form, FlipGive can fit your unique situation. Teams aren't formed yet? No worries. Parents can sign up on FlipGive and earn for their family then apply the dollars they raise to their Team's fundraiser once it forms. Learn more here

What are you waiting for?

If you need a way to earn funds from the shopping you're already doing, you need FlipGive!

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