How To Host A Rent-An-Athlete Fundraiser

By Miri Elmaleh Community Manager At Flip Give November 15th, 2017
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A rent-an-athlete fundraiser is an inexpensive and fun way to raise money for your team or school. This kind of fundraiser works best for high school sports teams, and multiple teams usually participate. Here’s how it works: 


Recruit participants for your fundraiser:

Approach athletes at your school and recruit participants for your rent-an-athlete fundraiser. Make sure that your participants are aware of what participation in your fundraising event entails. 


What participants have to do during your event:

Athletes who are being auctioned off are volunteering to be at the service of those who “rent” them at your fundraising event. Participants in your fundraising event will go up one at a time and be rented to the highest bidder. You don’t need to decide on a specific day that the athlete will be at the service of your supporter, they can work that out themselves. 


What your participants are expected to do:

This kind of fundraising event is usually done in good fun! Participants who have been “rented” usually do things like carry groceries, drive your supporters to and from school, or household chores. Usually this lasts for one day that is agreed upon by both the participant and the supporter of your fundraising event. 

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